The Dream Into It Promise

Where does the DIIP (pronounced “DEEP”… the Dream Into It Program) belong?

The DIIP needs to be anywhere a person is hurting and wondering what in the world they’re going to do about the bills. It belongs anywhere someone has an idea, but doesn’t quite know how to put it into action.

The DIIP belongs inside of corporations, at Small Business Development Centers, on the Small Business Administration’s web site, in schools, and in churches. This program is designed to help people do the work that is inside of them to do. It belongs where the people are.

Here’s another section from the Dream Into It field manual…

The Promise

The course of action described here isn’t expensive, and it isn’t difficult. It doesn’t require a college diploma, a resume, an employment application, or even a job. But it does take effort. You will need to invest about fifteen minutes each day to get and stay started, but the payoff potential is immense.

If you do what this program asks of you, then you will succeed. It’s unavoidable. It’s a law of nature. It’s as sure as the sunrise and as timely as a Rolex. Henry David Thoreau put it like this, as he reflected on his experience at Walden Pond:

I learned this… that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

This manual will show you exactly how to meet with your own “success unexpected in common hours.”

If you have been close to giving up on your dreams, don’t let go. If you have been settling for less and less, stop doing that. If you feel like you are drowning and are about to go under for the last time, let me throw you a life ring.

There are others who are counting on you to make it, whether you know it or not. Listen: It is possible for you, not just to survive, but to thrive.

You can do this.

From Jail to Yale…

The Dream Into It program has gone to jail. For the past two weeks, I have been going to the county holding facility to take a message of possibility to inmates who want to begin charting a new course for their lives. The experience has been tremendously rewarding, on a personal basis, and the program has being readily accepted by those in attendance. They are taking it seriously and are working hard to give themselves a new start.

The plan is to deliver the introductory presentation, followed by three workshops, on a revolving, one class per week basis. Each time through, I will be able to tighten up the program and make any needed corrections. By the time school is back in session, next fall, we should be ready to begin offering the entire program to students at the college and at to those at the satellite adult learning centers.

Meanwhile, your prayers are very much appreciated. The Dream Into It program to prisoners is of extreme value and importance. Last week, I saw the impact that can occur when someone with a dream is there to help another person believe in their own dream. It is an amazing and powerful experience. Remember: Failure is a big part of success, and the world will have no more faith in you than you have in yourself.

Presentation Two

I took the Dream Into It idea to the local high school yesterday. Feedback from the students was positive and encouraging, for the most part, but I personally felt that I should have tweaked the intro and the film clips more to their generation. It was definitely a learning experience.

Many of the students indicated that they would like to attend a follow-up workshop about how to identify and begin walking towards ones dream. I am anxious to get that going as well. Actually, I can see a biweekly or monthly get together where we share our experiences and hopes.

Ideas and suggestions are entirely welcome. Also, please stay alert for places/events where the presentation can be given, so that we can keep getting the word out.

You can do what is within you. You can live the life you have imagined.